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Snowy in-home Lifestyle Newborn Family Photo Session

This was during one of our more epic Iowa winter storms. Back-to-back double digit snowfalls and cold winds blew into town soon after she was born. The sweetest little girl was born and needed to be celebrated. She's so lucky to join such a wonderful big brother and adoring parents.

Can we just take a moment to admire this amazing wallpaper that her mom picked out for the nursery?? So in love!

If you have a new baby coming soon to your family, think about booking a newborn photography session as soon you know your due date. Newborn sessions are done in the morning when light is brightest in your home and when baby is sleepy and young kiddos are happiest.

My sessions are lifestyle based and focus more on family interaction with the baby and candid moments during our time together.  I will guide you with prompts and no strict posing.  I like to keep these sessions light-hearted and fun.  This is a time worth celebrating!  All newborn sessions take place on a weekday morning, usually the first 2 to 3 weeks after birth while your support person is also on leave from work and if any kiddos need to go to school after the session, we can plan to meet as early as 9 or 930AM if it's a sunny morning.  If it's overcast a little later in the morning will help provide brighter window light.  We will likely want to plan to meet before the baby is 3 weeks old, but I have taken some one month old babies that were just as wonderful to work with!   I have taken photos of a new baby at about 4 weeks old and those photos are just as special!  That's the good thing about lifestyle photography; timing is really whenever works best for your family timeline!   

I offer two versions of a Lifestyle Newborn Session.  I have a "Simple Fresh Newborn"  (  in the home while the baby is still fresh and new.  

 We would find the room with the best natural window light together in your home and take the photos there.  It's a shorter session; typically less than an hour-I don't hold a stopwatch though.  If the baby (or sibling toddlers, etc) needs anything I understand it may take some time.  The Simple Fresh Newborn session is short and sweet; like it would be at a hospital Fresh 48 session.  Photos will include family photos, each parent/baby, siblings, as well as some of the baby alone (natural styling:  wrapped/onesie).  I feel it's also best to only use your wraps and blankets for these photos so that you have these keepsakes for your family's story.  The more lifestyle the better, like a muslin wrap, plain onesie, tie nightgowns, etc.  works perfectly.  I can guide you with simple wrapping as well when we are together; if needed.    I also have a shopping list I'm always adding to that might help with planning: 

Also, when it comes to setting up  your home for photos; there's no need to stress your entire home. Just a room or too with great morning window light is all we need!  I can help move things with you if I feel it would help a photo when I'm with you.  I also have a Moses basket I am happy to bring in as well, upon request!

If you would prefer a longer session with more photos (all of the best!) and more time and home settings together, we can for sure still plan on the Full lifestyle newborn session.  We will get some family photos wherever you prefer in your home if you'd like; family bed, nursery, or family room.  The more interaction and love, natural setting and styling, the better!  This is such a fleeting time, I want to capture it for you!  The more personal items that you can incorporate help make the photos personal too!  I want these photos to reflect you and your family as much as possible.

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