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Ready!  Let's Play! 

Location ideas for inspiration for your family photo session

des moines newborn family photography.jpg

Outfit Inspiration

Helpful tips for planning outfits: 

  1. pick Mom's outfit first

  2. pick an outfit that has multiple colors-have other outfits pull from those colors

  3. look at your home décor colors; those tend to be colors you like and the photos will match when hung up

  4.  neon colors (vibrant reds/oranges) can cast on skin; softer colors (tan, beige, cream, earth tones) photograph softer 

  5. avoid extremely small plaid/lines (tiny gingham) can blur together in photos

  6. style like a fun date night out or family wedding...  or jeans and graphic tee!

  7. timeless over trendy but keep in mind the most important thing is to always feel like YOU.

worth noting:  no location, even repeated a year later, is photographed exactly the same twice




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rentable studio
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have an idea?  send it my way! I love out-of-the-box ideas!

outfit inspiration

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