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In Home Newborn Photography for your family's convenience and lifelong memories

In home lifestyle photography sessions offer familiarity of your own home environment that also adds a personal touch to all of your photos. You love your home, the items and people in the photos; so the photos are that much more personal. Documenting your newborn in their first home environment is not only for them, but also as a way to create a time capsule of this time for your family as a whole. If you want personalized attention and creativity; April + August Photography is the newborn photographer for you!

In home lifestyle newborn photography sessions also allows for incorporating sentimental items like handmade quilts, stuffed animals, heirloom cradles, etc., in photos that might otherwise have been left behind at home.

Another added bonus of taking photos in your own home, is you don't have to pack extra clothing for baby, or extra diapers for accidents/blowouts . You can make a bottle or breastfeed on demand without worry about time consequence of a paid studio space. Instead of worrying about these small things, you can focus on a cozy environment for the baby and yourselves (light favorite candles, play your favorite music).

April and August photography offers in home lifestyle newborn/family photography sessions to all areas of Waukee and in-between to Des Moines, Iowa.

Within the comforting confines of your own home, parents, siblings, as well as the newborn baby can relax and let moments unfold naturally, free from the constraints of a studio setting. This relaxed environment fosters genuine connections and interactions, resulting in photographs that reflect the authentic bond between the family and their newest addition.

As you embark on this magical journey of parenthood, consider embracing the beauty, convenience, authenticity, and intimacy of in-home lifestyle newborn photography to capture the priceless moments that define your family's unique story from the beginning.

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