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Crash course in Fresh 48 Photos

The COVID19 pandemic is unfortunately forcing hospital visits, Fresh 48, and even in home newborn session cancellations in Des Moines. If we were planning for my visit after your baby was born and we cannot now; don't lose hope. We all have cameras on our phones so why not take a crash course and document some yourself!

Here are some helpful hints for you to take great photos on your phone or with your own camera!

-Take them during the day when there is plenty of window light. Mornings tend to work better for me when baby is still kind of drowsy. Right after a feeding is a great time to start documenting too!

-TURN OFF the hospital and home lights! Use the window light only, if you can! Face window light whenever possible.

-Ask your nurse to swaddle the baby for you. NURSES ARE THE BEST SWADDLERS! Also don't be afraid to simply have the baby in a white onesie. Simple and natural always stands the rest of time! Plus those little legs are the best!

-Position your baby facing the light coming through the window.

-Don't shoot towards the window. Shoot with the window to your side or to your back, but be careful not to block the light coming through!

- Don't photograph aiming up the babies nose. Shoot down, from above or the side of the baby. I like to also shoot through crib slats and above baby in bassinet. Those angles show how tiny the baby really is.

- Get close! Thats where the details are! Fresh skin and tiny fingers and toes are important! I also really like the umbilical cords... those little details show the newness and are only around a short time.

- Samsung phones have an awesome selfie option where you can wave at it for a countdown. I'm sure Apple has a timer feature of some kind as well! Get a family photo! I usually feel closer is better! There are great cell phone tripods on Amazon that aren't too pricey!

-Download the Lightroom or SnapSeed App on your phone and edit your photos there!

Saw this in a Facebook photographer group this morning and thought it was a great idea while also adding some of my own tips!

Share with your expecting mamas! Stay well!

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