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Best Photography Locations in Des Moines Area

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Welcome to Iowa. Seriously, I believe the Midwest is Best. I've lived in Connecticut, Virginia, and Florida. The Des Moines area is my favorite. I know, we don't have oceans, or mountains, or big cities... but we have heart. And really, that's all we really need. When it comes to Family Photography, I'm often asked where are some of my favorite spots to shoot. I've decided to create a mini list of some fave spots I've been using and will try to continue updating! I love always trying new spots; so keep 'em coming!

1. Natural- Centennial Park, Waukee - walking bridge, trees, easy to work with green grass (not as rustic)

2. Urban/Natural - Sculpture Gardens and city streets area

3. Natural- Art Center/Rose Gardens, Des Moines - lots of trees, paths, wildflowers (I don't even go for the roses!)

4. Natural - Waterworks Park, Des Moines

5. Natural -Grays Lake, Des Moines - Sandy beach, water, docks, wildflowers

6. Natural - Walker Johnston, Urbandale - shady paths, daffodils in spring, tall grasses, easy to work with mowed green grass

7. Urban - Court Ave, Des Moines - brick walls, rooftop, murals, river/red bridge

8. Urban - East Village, Des Moines - capitol, rooftop, alleys

9. Urban - West End Salvage, Des Moines (inside $50 fee or free around outside) brick, overpass, gray walls near Social Club

10. Urban - Ray Asian Gardens and Pedestrian Bridge, Des Moines - Shaded area in Ray Asian Gardens, paths, pine trees, large pedestrian bridge with city views

11. Urban - Des Moines Indoors: Sky Walks, Molly's Cupcakes, Capitol building, and many more

12. Urban - West Des Moines Indoors: Scratch Cupcakery, Hurts Donuts, and many more (with permission will go anywhere!)

13. Natural - Sunflower fields in July

14. Greenhouses are gorgeous and full of great light! (Lowes is fun too!)

15. Your HOME. There's nothing quite like your own home. The photos are personal to you and how you live currently. There's no replacing the sentimental piece of photos that take place where your family spends a bulk of time together!

Feel free to add any other ideas in comments!

I LOVE Des Moines and the welcoming and supportive community I am so fortunate to be apart of!

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