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Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session Prep Tips

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Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle!  I'm really looking forward to our session with your newest family member!

Here are some tips before our session: 

  • Before my arrival please open all blinds and curtains in potential photo rooms so I can evaluate the best source of natural (window) light.  Rooms with lots of windows tend to photograph best.

  • Please don't feel like you need to dust and vacuum the house. Photos won't see the little things.  If there is anything I notice that will be better moved aside for a photo, I'll suggest it.  You really only need to tidy up the rooms you would like me to check as options to save you some hassle.

  • Crank up your heat about thirty minutes (or turn up/off your AC) before our session to a warmer temperature than usual so baby stays sleepy and comfortable. 

  •  Most images work best while baby is in a deep sleep. I know this may seem like torture, but try to keep baby awake before our session so baby is exhausted and can give us those sweet sleepy poses.  A warm bath before we meet works wonders!  If you think you'd like to document a sink bath, that is a wonderful idea to start the session off as well!

  • If possible, please feed baby right before our session. A milk drunk baby is a fabulous model! Of course if baby is hungry during our session, there is no worry in taking breaks for feedings. 

  • We'll want to work in the brightest room of the house using window light and I'll plan to "live in there" as much as possible.  Have your baby dressed in a onesie or outfit that you like and we can wrap around with a pretty wrap or swaddle (great for family and sibling photos to have baby contained) for different photos without undressing and upsetting the baby too much in between.  I love the "bundle" photo of the new baby wrapped for family photos and siblings. 

  • Please pull out any items that you would like to have incorporated into your images such as any handmade family blankets, colorful rugs, special items and other interesting pieces that may make a great addition to the photos or used to wrap baby.  We can create a game plan together!  

Ideas on how to dress your baby at home:

Wraps/swaddles can be patterned for the family to coordinate around or solid (Target, Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Copper Pearl online, Amazon, local boutique, etc.)

Solid sleepers, knotted gowns, white onesies (idea store:,,, etc.)

Outfits for the family: neutrals (whites, grays, tans, beige, ivory) are really great, especially indoors with some pops of pattern/color in the wraps or a younger child.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all! 
I'm really looking forward to meeting and visiting with your family!!

**Extra Tip:  if you are planning any milestone sessions as baby grows, a good time to plan is a weekday morning before a doctor check up!

Your Des Moines and Waukee Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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